Medical Benefits of Cannabis

Trying to list all of the medicinal and medical benefits of marijuana is like trying to name and list all of the stars in the sky; there are just so many of them! Americans, and people all across the rest of the planet, are standing up for their rights to incorporate holistic, natural medicines in order to remedy their ailments. We cannot be forced into taking in the toxic substances released as medicines from multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical companies. And with the help of modern technologies, the many medicinal benefits of marijuana are ever-increasingly becoming integrated into the very fabric of worldwide societies everywhere.

Isn't it strange that the United States government, the same government that denies its people the legal right to use medical marijuana, holds patents on the medicinal attributes of weed's usage? That's right, the US government holds patents for the medicinal usage of cannabis because of its neuroprotectant and antioxidant properties. is proud to help educate the masses about the nearly unlimited abilities of marijuana to help reduce stress, thwart depression and battle the effects of an astounding number of diseases and other adverse health conditions. The medical benefits of marijuana are far too numerous to present in one inclusive list. However, below you'll find some of the most remarkable, clinically-proven medicinal marijuana benefits.

Cannabis sativa has been used as a holistically effective medicinal agent on every continent, by all types of people, for thousands and thousands of years. As powerful international pharmaceutical companies continue to break down under the scrutiny and anger of world citizens, natural, holistic preventatives and cures, like marijuana, continue to resurface as sensible health solutions. There's no need to worry about a long list of possible side effects, many of which are more detrimental than the conditions being treated in the first place. And whether or not governmental agencies want to give in to widespread medicinal marijuana usage, in short time, they will have to.

For HIV/AIDS patients trying to stay healthy in the face of appetite loss and wasting syndrome, cannabinoid drugs are a viable treatment that do not adversely affect other required medications.
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It seems the medical benefits to this wonder plant are never-ending, as this article will testify.
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Cannabis contains a compound that could help Alzheimer's disease patients…but some researchers feel the risk is greater than the potential reward.
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We all know that marijuana gives us the munchies, and that medical marijuana helps AIDS and cancer patients gain weight, but, can it help anorexics as well?
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The ancient Chinese can't be wrong: cannabis may be able to "undo" rheumatism.
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A new partnership between a biotech firm and an autism activist group may be the first step in reliable data on using medical marijuana to treat autism spectrum disorders.
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Again, why is this plant illegal? Oh yeah, because the pharmaceutical companies have the government wrapped around their finger.
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Cannabis and Cachexia
Just as recreational pot smokers get "the munchies," AIDS and cancer patients using medical marijuana often see increased appetites and weight gain.
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Cannabis and Cancer
Nausea is one of the most common side effects of cancer treatment, but marijuana can help ease it, especially since it doesn't have to be swallowed.
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Chronic Pain
Why cannabis? It can relieve pain without nausea or other nasty side-effects.
58 reviews
Crohn's Disease
British research shows that cannabis might actually reverse the bowel leakage associated with Crohn's disease.
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Cannabis may be a viable treatment for many forms of clinical depression, including bipolar disorder, where the cycles between depression and manic moods are less frequent while taking the drug.
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Cannabis can help reduce blood sugar, improve blood pressure, and, when used in the kitchen, is incredibly heart-healthy.
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Fibromyalgia and Cannabis
Hooray for Spain for beginning what is the first research to show that cannabis helps with the treatment of fibromyalgia.
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Cannabis and Glaucoma
Studies have shown that smoking pot does reduce the intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma, but they also raise concerns about decreased blood pressure and increased heart rates.
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Do you have high blood pressure? Then you may want to talk to a doctor about getting a prescription for medical marijuana to treat that.
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Insomnia is a recognized disease in the medical community. What isn't recognized by most doctors however, is that they don't need pills and sedatives to treat this illness.
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Liver Fibrosis
Instead of having you come up with new justifications for using medical marijuana, why not just legalize this harmless plant?
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Mad Cow Disease
Start choosing high CBD strains if you're paranoid about contracting Mad Cow Disease.
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Cannabis and Migraines
Cannabis has been prescribed as a treatment for "sick headaches" - migraines - since the 19th century. Today, used with a prevention program, it offers fast, long-lasting relief.
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Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis
Cannabis may not just alleviate MS symptoms. New studies show it may halt the progression of the disease.
17 reviews
Cannabis and Nausea
It may seem surprising, but cannabis can be safely used to ease the nausea associated with morning sickness in pregnancy.
26 reviews
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Shown to significantly help with stress, cannabis has been shown to also help with PTSD suffered from military service.
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Cannabis and Seizures
Epileptic patients have said that, after using cannabis with their more conventional prescription drugs, they can wean themselves off the prescriptions and stay seizure-free as long as they continue using cannabis.
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Tourettes Syndrome
Though it's not yet on the acceptable conditions list for medical marijuana authorization in any state, both anecdotal and clinical evidence show that Tourette's Syndrome symptoms are eased by cannabis.
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